Our Approach

The Hindu Cultural Organisation is a charitable trust founded by the Indian community of Liverpool. Registered Charity No. is 261646. Shree Radha Krishna Hindu Temple was formed back in 1957 on Botanic Road in Liverpool and inaugurated by His Excellency, High Commissioner of India. It was subsequently relocated in its present location in 1978.

President :- His Excellency, High Commissioner of India
Vice President :- Mr N. P. Malhotra

1. Mr R. L. Juneja
2. Mr S. P. Malhotra
3. Dr. J. K. Yadav
4. Dr. A. K. Ghosh
5. Dr. R. K. Mehta

Chairman :- Mr. J. N. Saini
Vice Chairman :- Mr. A. Malhotra

Secretary :- Mr. J. L. Singh
Treasurer :- Mr. N. Bassi

Executive Committee Members
1. Dr. S. P. Sinha
2. Mr. J. L. Saini
3. Mr. P. R. Sharma
4. Mrs. D. Agarwal
5. Mrs. D. Bhatia
6. Mrs. M. Kaur